Deliver love

 “Deliver Love”: With an unstoppable aesthetic, playing with the vintage, the kitsch, and the purely tacky, Deliver Love is a fresh show in which circus and music blends perfectly; This incredible couple introduces circus, literally, within the musical execution, displaying a series of skills, outstanding postures and impossible juggling in front of the eyes and years of the audience. An outpouring of excitement, a boundless glamour and a risky, for the eyes, staging. Wild humour and direct for a couple that, deep down, only wants to Deliver Love.



Artistic team

Original Idea: Arritmados

Artists: Héctor Rodríguez y Julia Martínez

Direction: Gorka Ganso

Scenography: Héctor Rodríguez y Julia Martínez

Photographers: Samuel Domingo y Luis Jesús Hernández Amo

Graphic Design: Elisa Martínez